60 Seconds With SG Lewis

November 14, 2016

Producer, DJ and singer-songwriter SG Lewis has been taking over the UK club scene with his electronic beats and chilled soulful vocals since signing with PMR Records just over a year ago. Originally from Liverpool, the multi-talented 21 year-old was nominated for MTV’s Brand New For 2016 Awards earlier in the year. We had a quick chat with him in the lead up to his biggest headline show to date at the legendary KOKO London.

What initially sparked your interest in music?

Initially, I started playing in cover bands at school, and then I got into music production by taking Music Technology A-level. From there I started to make some really bad bootleg remixes, but I wanted to create my own music, and gradually got better and went from there.

Who would you say are your five biggest influences, musically and culturally?

My five biggest influences… I would say, James Blake, Bon Iver, Earth, Wind & Fire. Maybe some that aren’t music related – visual art from Attack on Titan and probably monochrome fashion.

Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?

Probably Palm House in Liverpool, which is this amazing green house that I performed quite recently actually.

Are you excited for your gig at KOKO London?

Yeah, I really can’t wait for that. I think it’s the first legendary London venue I get to play at, so I’m really excited and it’s amazing to have the opportunity to be there and perform.

Where do you hope to be in the next five years?

Just continuing to make music that I love and that I’m proud of. Also the music I would want to hear as a listener and lover of music.

Are there any artists that you are particular keen on collaborating with?

I’d love to work with Majid Jordan and Bon Iver.

If you had to pick one outfit to take on tour with you what would it look like?

I would have an extra large white T-shirt, with a plain pair of dickies, some Adidas Stan Smiths, and a North Face jacket.

Do you have an ultimate fashion essential?

An extra large white T-shirt – just a crisp, plain white T-shirt. Yeah, that’s my ultimate fashion go-to essential.


Photography by Philipp Raheem