Blanks Factory x High Content #OurBlanks

February 20, 2018

Blanks Factory recently teamed up with High Content in a collaboration entitled #OurBlanks which interviews six influential women working in the creative industries with a focus on their individual careers and styles.

The versatility of the blank tee parallels the diverse careers and talents of the women in the collaboration.  Helen “Hells” Gibson is picture editor of the Telegraph who also makes her own art from photography to illustration. Joy Matashi uses her education in architecture as a way to invent new ways of styling hair. Anna Ginsburg’s animation, instead, bends ideas of voyeurism and the mundane. Joey Yu is an all-around creative artist, illustrator and curator who works with high profiles such as Tate and The New York Times. Katie Burdon’s photography depicts the complex relationship that women have with nature and their own bodies. Meanwhile, Alya Mooro journalism allows her to convey personal views from everyday topics to the most controversial.

#OurBlanks shows how something so universal as a blank t-shirt has maintained its position as a wardrobe staple due to its ability to adapt to any individual’s personality and lifestyle.

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Read more about the collaboration and interviews here.

Words by Mirabella Shahidullah

Photography by Laoye and Beeson

Creative Agency LSB Studios